Week Three - Responsive Panels
Responsive Surface USC_517_MElSheikh_Responsive%20Surface_100418.jpg Responsive surface that changes shape based on a mathematical function. More images: Image 02,Image 03, Definition Screenshot
Solar Responsive Panel USC_517_MElSheikh_Responsive%20Panels_100420%20copy.jpg Responsive panels surface that changes circles radii according to the sun's position. The development is based on nGai's definition of incident solar and his definition of component population on mesh. More images: Aug 21, 9am - Aug 21, 12pm - Aug 21, 4pm - Dec 21, 12pm - Mar 21, 12pm - Jun 21, 12pm - Definition Screenshot
High Rise Responsive Skin USC_517_MElSheikh_High%20Rise%20Responsive%20Skin01_Small_100422.jpg High rise responsive skin design was developed using the twisted tower and the responsive panel definitions. More images: Image 02,Image 03, Image 04, Animated Image, Definition Screenshot
Image Fabrication USC_517_MElSheikh_Image%20Fabrication_Small_100418.jpg Image fabrication using Nathan's Definition extrude based on the image's black and white levels.More images: Image 02
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