USC Arch 517: Featured Work

Click the names below to view the student's personal pages. The pages document the student's explorations and exercises during the 5-week seminar.

Images and Grasshopper definition files are available for download.

Student Name Preview
Deepa Chandrashekaran USC_517_DChandrashekaran_FinalVignette.jpg
Jeffrey Vaglio USC_517_JVaglio_FinalVignette.jpg
Kelly Olson USC_517_KOlson_FinalVignette.jpg
Mohamed El Sheikh USC_517_MElSheikh_FinalVignette.jpg
Nicholas Martinez USC_517_NMartinez_FinalVignette.jpg
Shih-Hsin Lin USC_517_SHLin_FinalVignette.jpg

More student work is available here!

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