LunchBox for Grasshopper
Type Grasshopper Plug-In
Version 2014.5.5
Author Nathan Miller
Original Release Date January 22, 2012
Version Release Date May 5, 2014
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About LunchBox

The components attempt to consolidate some of my frequently used Grasshopper processes into a true plug-in. This has helped to speed up my day-to-day workflow and I hope it can do the same for you!

Most of the code here is already available on my site. Other functionality will be added over time. This plug-in includes components for parametric geometry, paneling, structure, utilities, and workflow.

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Other Info

I must credit LMNts for their early work on Excel interop. The 'write' component is a variation on their component from a few years ago with a RhinoCommon upgrade. It is still as useful today as ever!

Also, I credit some of Satoru Sugihara's work with piGeon/Processing and, in particular, his use of randomization. The Random Quad Panel component uses a similar code structure to one of his examples.


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